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President, Karuizawa Travel & Consulting  Gaku KONO

 Born in Tokyo in 1976. Graduated from Shiba Junior and Senior High School and from the Faculty of Policy Studies at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), and went to France to study. After studying at Angers West Catholic University, entered the travel industry.

 After working as a sales PR for Globe-Trotter T&E and a French auberge chain, he moved to Karuizawa in 2009. After 7 years of working for an auberge group in Karuizawa in store management and launching new stores, he started Karuizawa Travel & Consulting, Karuizawa's first DMC (Destination Management Company), in 2017.

 He is planning and proposing tourism and work plans in the greater Karuizawa area to domestic and international tourists, corporate clients, and workers visiting Karuizawa.


Full member of All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA), Director of Karuizawa Tourism Association, Director of Karuizawa National Trust, Member of Karuizawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of Karuizawa Resort Telework Association, Comprehensive Travel Service Supervisor, Chief Itinerary Manager, Shinshu Hospitality Meister, Director of Workation Lab Karuizawa, Director of Karuizawa Gastronomy Tourism, J.S.A Sommelier



I was born and raised in Tokyo, so why did I move to Karuizawa?


 My roots can be traced back to my study abroad experience in France.

I have always loved to travel, and since I was a student, I have been traveling around Japan and abroad whenever I had the time and money.

After graduating from university, I went to Angers, a regional city in France, to study language and tourism.


French people are said to be "masters of enjoying life, In fact, everyone I met loved their hometown and had their own unique lifestyle, Students were enjoying their lives in their own way, whether they had money or not. Attracted by this lifestyle and cultural climate, students came from all over the world, not only from Paris, the capital city, but also from the countryside, where there are no tourist facilities, The lifestyle and cultural climate attract more than 80 million tourists a year from all over the world, not only to the capital, Paris, but also to the countryside where there are no tourist facilities.

After returning to Japan, I entered the travel industry and traveled all over the country. Many of the local cities were developed as tourist attractions after the war, and all of them have the same scenery,

I felt that many of the local cities had become uniform tourist destinations due to postwar tourism development.

In such a situation, Karuizawa was clearly different from other tourist destinations.


The town was filled with abundant nature and seemed to blend into the forest, The cultural climate of Karuizawa, once called "a hospital without a roof" by the missionaries who visited the area, still remains today.

And the very lifestyle of the people who gather here, The lifestyle of the people who gather here is what makes Karuizawa one of the best vacation home and tourist destinations in Japan. It is the very essence of "community-based tourism" that I have seen in France, the world's largest tourism country. 

From the Wellness Resort Karuizawa, we will contribute to the future of people and the region through travel planning.

Business Summary



Karuizawa Travel & Consulting




Head Office:1110-13 Oiwake Karuizawa Nagano JAPAN

Satellite office: 31-15 Century Forest 2F Karuizawa-higashi Karuizawa Nagano JAPAN





Travel agent No.

Registered travel agency with the Governor of Nagano Prefecture 2-592

Affiliated Organizations

Full Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents

Karuizawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Full Member of Karuizawa Tourist Association

Karuizawa Resort Telework Association


Hachijuni Bank Karuizawa Branch 

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