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Travel / Tourism Consulting / Event Planning and Management

We offer three services

1. 旅行事業


『Hospital without roof』

Missionary "A.C. Shaw" visited Karuizawa during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and referred to the area as such.

Individual and group travel, corporate study tours and off-site meetings

Karuizawa Travel Concierge will produce a one-of-a-kind trip

unique to the wellness resort.

Travel Site「KARUIZAWA WELLNESS TRIP」 *Japanese only


English Guided Tour Site

Karuizawa English Guided tour

Meeting room in front of Karuizawa Station「Workation Lab Karuizawa」

FireShot Capture 314 - 軽井沢駅前貸し会議室 - ワーケーションラボ軽井沢 _ Workation Lab Karuizawa - 軽井沢町_ - www.w

2. ツーリズム・コンサルティング

Tourism Consulting

​Sustainable tourism with the community

We provide customer attraction and PR support, website creation, video recording, and translation services for tourism businesses in Karuizawa and surrounding areas.

We also offer travel products and activities for accomodation companies to create travel products and activities during stay.

We aim for sustainable development together with the community.

3. イベント


A one-of-a-kind experience at Wellness Resort Karuizawa

We plan, organize and arrange events and projects in the Karuizawa area.

We also plan and direct various events and parties, and arrange and dispatch photographers, musicians, artists, and performers.

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