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Komoro Trip

DON’T MISS! Only in Winter and Early Spring!!

Strawberry Picking and Onsen/Japanese Spa with Snow Mountain Panorama View

8,000 yen / person




​Departure:9:00 - 10:00(Komoro)

Application:3 days before 

Enjoy strawberry picking at “Nunobiki Strawberry Farm” in Mimaki Tableland where is said Japan’s strawberry farming started!

In addition to one of the longest hours of daylight in Japan, large day-night temperature difference of Komoro produces sweet, juicy, and jewel-like red strawberries. No time limit! – Enjoy picking and eating strawberries as long as and as much as you like! No freezing! – Stay warm in indoor picking sports and lounge! After fully enjoying the strawberries, please chill out at “Agri-no-Yu Onsen/Japanese Spa” with snow mountain panorama view! For lunch, enjoy potato croquette set meal. The potato of the croquette is locally produced “hakudo bareisho” which is race food as its production is small.

Price includes 

Strawberry picking(entrance  + all-you-can-eat strawberry), Lunch, Entrance for spa


Bank transfer  or  Credit card 

Cancellation Policy 

From 7 day to 3 days before the program date: 30 %

From 2 day to the previous day before the program date: 50 %

On the date of the program:100%



1)Komoro Tourism Bureau ( beside Komoro Station)

​ ↓(15 minutes by car)

2)Komoro Nunobiki Strawberry Farm Strawberry picking  (1 hour)

 ↓(3 minutes by walk)

3)Agui-no-yu Onsen   Japanese Spa & Lunch (90 minutes)

​ ↓(15 minutes by car)

4)Komoro Tourism Bureau

​*Transportation service from Karuizawa can be arranged. 

*Taxi can be arranged from Komoro Tourism Bureau.

*These are our recommended itineraries, however, if any plans are not exactly what you were looking for, we can arrange our service to your needs.

We can schedule a taxi arrangement. Please feel free to inquire.

*English interpreter can be arranged.

*When you participate in the trial of the Omotenashi ICT Association, you can get discount price of  5000 yen (per person) through all of the programs. Please make sure that you will take extra time for completing the procedures (approx.30min~60min).

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