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Karuizawa English guided Tours

​Collaborated with KGS

Walking Tour
Walking tour around Karuizawa's old town and its history
The old town area is the most popular tourist destination in Karuizawa with lots of historic and scenic attractions, so you can't miss it! The old town consists of high-end residential areas in the quiet setting (mostly with holiday homes) and lively areas with local interesting shops. 
2,500 yen - 
2 pers - 
All year
Price includes
Guide fee 
*The above are all model plans.  We will make plans and an estimate upon your request.
*The itinerary might be changed due to traffic jam, weather conditions, natural disasters and inevitable reasons.

Karuizawa Station → Yagasaki Park → Sanatorium Lane  →  Hori Tatsuo Street →  Manpei Street → Mampei Hotel → Happy Valley →  Shaw Memorial ChurchKyu-Karuizawa Ginza Shopping Street → Karuizawa Association Tennis Court → Karuizawa Union Church →  Mampei Street → Karuizawa Hon Dori →  Karuizawa Station 

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