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Karuizawa English guided Tours

​Collaborated with KGS

​Model Courses & Prices

Private tours starting from Karuizawa with English speaking guides.  

Walking tours, private car tours, local railway tours, etc. 

We will arrange for a tour with a guide upon your request starting from Karuizawa. 

Walking tours

Walking tour around Karuizawa's old town and its history / 2 h
​2,500 yen - 
2 pers - 
Zenkoji Temple tour
National Treasure Zenkoji Temple & Nakamise Shopping street by local train "Shinano" railway / 8h  
​8,500 yen -
2 pers -

Private car tours

Karuizawa sightseeing tour
Visiting historical spots & Superb view spots in Karuizawa  /  2,5h
​3,650 yen - 12,500 yen  
2 pers - 9 pers
Karuizawa & Asama Highland tour
Karuizawa & Asama Highland Golden course   /  5h
5,650 yen - 19,500 yen  
2 pers - 9 pers
Karuizawa gourmet & shopping tour
Visiting gourmet & shopping spots in Karuizawa, recommended by Locals  /  3h
​6,400 yen - 21,250 yen  
2 pers - 8 pers
Snow Monkey & Obuse tour
Snow Monkey in "Jigokudani Yaen-koen" & Obuse Town /  8h
​15,500 yen - 49,250 yen  
2 pers - 8 pers

The above are all model plans.  We will make plans of other tours starting from Karuizawa upon your request such as tours for many other spots in Karuizawa, “Tours to Neighboring Cities” including but not limited to Komoro, Ueda and Matsumoto, transportation to and from Tokyo or an airport, tours for sake breweries, hiking and cycling tours (easy and moderate for fun), “Tours for Special Interest” such as strawberry picking, “After Convention Tours” for international conventions and corporate trainings and so on.

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