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Komoro Trip

Visiting Nunobiki Kannon(Shakusonji Temple) that is known and described as the Kiyomizudera Temple in Nagano, and Soba noodle making experience in Komoro where is regarded as home of Shinshu Soba

Nunobiki Kannon (Shakusonji Temple) hanging on the cliff, is known and described as the Kiyomizudera Temple in Shinshu (Nagano). It is one of the renowned temples built circa 1300s, and also known as the hidden beauty spot of the beautiful autumn leaves among the locals. As climbing up to the temple for 30 minutes, you can have an experience of the ancient Japanese solemn belief such as uniquely shaped rocks, waterfalls, coves and Buddha statues on the way to the temple. In this program, soba noodle making experience at the old-established “Harikoshi-tei (registered tangible cultural property)” is included. You can make the real Japanese buckwheat noodles. This program is full of various experiences including visiting hidden beauty spots that you cannot help sharing your reminiscences with others.


1)Komoro Tourism Bureau ( beside Komoro Station)

 ↓(5 minutes by car / 10 minutes by bicycle)

2)Nakadanaso Soba noodle making experience and lunch(1.5 hours)

 ↓(10 minuntes by car / 20 minutes by bicycle)

3)Nunobiki Kannon (1 hour)

 ↓(10 minutes by car / 20 minutes by bicycle)

4)Komoro Tourism Bureau

*Transportation service from Karuizawa can be arranged. 

*Taxi or rental bicycle can be arranged from Komoro Tourism Bureau.

​5,200 yen / person  




​Departure:9:00 - 10:00(Komoro)

Application:3 days before 

Price includes 

Soba noodle making experience, soba lunch


Bank transfer  or  Credit card 

Cancellation Policy 

From 7 day to 3 days before the program date: 30 %

From 2 day to the previous day before the program date: 50 %

On the date of the program:100%


*These are our recommended itineraries, however, if any plans are not exactly what you were looking for, we can arrange our service to your needs.

​*If you cannot have soba (including people who have allergies to soba), please consult with us before making a reservation.

*English interpreter can be arranged.

*We can schedule a taxi or a rental bicycle arrangement.Please feel free to inquire.

*When you participate in the trial of the Omotenashi ICT Association, you can get discount price of  5000 yen (per person) through all of the programs. Please make sure that you will take extra time for completing the procedures (approx.30min~60min).

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